Code of Conduct

The objective of the Code of Ethics is to maintain and enforce the highest standards of ethical professional practices that will make membership in FISPA a recognized mark of experience, stability, integrity, and competence.


Members will regard as confidential all information concerning the business and affairs of clients with whom we are dealing in our professional relationships.


We will conduct ourselves in such a manner as to bring credit to our industry and enhance its reputation.


We will publicize our services in a professional manner upholding the dignity of our profession. We will avoid all conduct, practices and promotion likely to discredit or do injury to our field of endeavor.


We will strive to broaden public understanding and enhance public regard and confidence in our Industry.


In keeping with this dedication to principle, the members of the Association have further pledged to:

a) Follow through and complete any agreement made verbally or otherwise to either another member of the Association or to any client or prospective client.

b) Deal fairly with the public and with fellow professionals, giving due respect to the rights and legitimate interests of others.

c) Respect the rights of the owners of intellectual properties

d) Not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information and shall act promptly to correct erroneous communications for which they are responsible.

e) Use proper diligence to ensure that all materials on their networks are restricted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and the tenets of reasonable precaution.

f) Not disparage other members by statement or innuendo to clients or prospective clients.

g) Respond to any complaint or violations filed with the Association and participate in all processes and procedures of the Association with respect to that complaint.

I understand that the FISPA Ethics Committee will review any infractions of the letter and intent of the Code of Ethics with regard to proper ethical behavior and integrity and that any Member who violates the spirit and letter of the rules as set down by this Association may be faced with disciplinary action and/or expulsion from the Association. Upon acceptance into FISPA, we hereby agree to abide by the Code of Ethics. In the event we are judged to be in violation of the Code of Ethics we know that we face disciplinary action and/or expulsion from the Association. We agree to waive all legal remedies we may have against the Association or its Members for such action. I further understand that membership in the Association is to be based upon the above qualifying information.

By accepting the membership application you indicate that you agree to abide by the FISPA Code of Ethics.