How big data can address multi-billion dollar problem — churn.

The pandemic has catalyzed a seismic shift in consumer behavior — bedrooms have been converted into home offices, and lounges into classrooms — households are more reliant than ever on broadband connectivity, and many of the changes are set to last indefinitely.

It is critical that ISPs meet changing subscriber needs and deliver a new bundle of smart home experiences — starting with the foundation of flawless, self-optimizing Wi-Fi, and adding AI security, intelligent IoT device management, Wi-Fi motion detection and more.

This webinar explores how Service Providers can revolutionize their smart home offerings by leveraging customer data to deliver enhanced subscriber experiences and achieve game-changing operational results including:

● Cutting subscriber churn by up to 30%*
● Boosting ARPU by up to $15*
● Reducing support call-in rates and truck rolls by 51% and 67% respectively*
● Increasing NPS scores by up to 60*

With data showing that home network activity has surged to 120% of pre-pandemic levels, subscriber demands, and expectations have skyrocketed, and all service providers face unprecedented challenges – this event will arm you with a new data-driven model to meet those challenges.

(*Source: Plume Total Cost of Ownership Study, 2020)