Street jazz in Jackzon Square

Made a little visit to N’awlins to check out the hotel ballroom selected from a map. We wanted more space than last year and everything on ONE FLOOR! Well folks, we have now moved FISPA Live 2021 FROM THE 8TH FLOOR TO THE 5TH FLOOR!!!

This change allows us to really spread out! Have some elbow room while eating! And yes, dining will happen in the Sponsor Gallery! Check out the new map and the updated Agenda!

We met with the Event Manager, Banquet Manager, Master Chef, Audio Visual Manager, AND the General Manager! We also sat down with our old friend Blake who sets up the Pub Crawl for us, offers easy booking for sightseeing, and manages our discount transportation to and from the airport.

But the highlight was getting to spend some time with BRANDON!!! (I jokingly call him “my-brother-from-another-mother.”) He is FAMILY! We had a little time to eat some New Orleans beignets and listen to street jazz! Both are the BEST in the Crescent City!

I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

REGISTER NOW and BOOK YOUR ROOM in the discount conference block!

Brandon, Jen, Gayle and Elise